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Three Phase Electric Motor

The Yugoslav researcher Nikola Tesla presented in the year 1887, a biphasic induction electric motor design with a short-circuit rotor. Over time, he realized that the engine had a low yield, however, was able to impress in such a way an American company, reelcraft retractable hose reel which provided him with about a million dollars for the patent of the engine. Later, the yield below the expected of this engine, ended economically unfeasible its production.

It was the electrical engineer Dobrowolsky, a company named AEG, Berlin, who in 1889 filed a patent for a three-phase electric motor with a squirrel cage rotor. The engine featured a power of 80 watts, an efficiency of approximately 80% in comparison to the power consumed, and a conjugate of considered considered of excellent execution.

Among the great advantages of the AC motor compared to the direct current motor were simplified projection, no noise, poor maintenance and high safety in operation. Dobrowolsky was also responsible for developing the first series design of asynchronous motors in 1891, in the powers of 0.4 to 7.5 kW.