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Periodicity of Maintenance

At the time of purchase of any electrical device, it is important to take some precautions and take some measures, among them, carry out a thorough inspection, analyzing the existence of possible damages caused by the transportation process, for example. In the event of possible damage, the transport company and the nearest authorized representative who supplied the engine must be notified immediately. It is also recommended that this type of service be performed by qualified personnel.

As a safety precaution, fire-fighting equipment and first-aid warnings should never be missing in the workplace and must always be in places that are easily accessible and visible.

Reelcraft HS19000 M

Therefore, it is important that professionals responsible for the provision of specific maintenance services in electrical equipment, whether in operation, installation or own maintenance, are always properly informed and trained about the rules and safety rules, which govern the service. It is up to the responsible person to have security and knowledge before the start of work, that all factors have been properly analyzed and to alert all members of his team to possible dangers.