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Oil and Gas Separation Tank

The main purpose of the oil and gas separation tank is to receive and store the depressurized oil and gases evacuated from the main tank due to the increase in the internal pressure of the equipment tank.

In a second step, the tank will promote the separation of the oil and the gases so that they are evacuated to a safe and remote region. The same tank can be used for several nearby installed equipment.

The one-way valve is responsible for allowing the flow of gases in only one direction and it avoids the contact of flammable gases with the oxygen present in the air, minimizing the risk of explosions.

The main components of the separation tank are the unidirectional valve; Gas evacuation pipe to remote areas; Oil drainage pipe; The Tubing for nitrogen injection into the separator tank.

The explosive gas elimination set is designed to inject a large amount of nitrogen into the equipment, continuously, creating a safe environment inside the transformer and the switch, eliminating explosive gases inside and promoting the cooling of the oil and the Internal components of the equipment.