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Bearing Bearings

In electric motors with oil-lubricated bearings, this oil needs to be replaced when the engine is stationary, respecting the specific processes so that the exchange is effected efficiently. It is necessary to open the breather part of the oil inlet, remove the oil outlet plug and then open the valve so that all the oil already in the compartment is drained.

Immediately after draining is completed, it is extremely important that the valve is carefully closed and the cap is properly relieved. Then fill the compartment with the quantity and specification of the oil, which is usually indicated on the nameplate, and check that the oil level is in the middle of the display.

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Therefore, the oil inlet breather must be closed, making sure that there is no leakage and that all of its threaded holes are not properly closed.

The oil change of the bearings must be carried out within the interval indicated on the nameplate, or if the lubricant shows any change in its characteristics, such as texture and pH, for example.

Sliding Bearings

It is always important to stress that, in order to function properly, the engine needs to be stored in its original operating position and always with oil in the bearings. The amount of oil must be controlled by the indicator level, always being in the middle of the display. During the storage time the shaft locking device must be removed and the shaft rotated by hand at least 30 rpm so that the oil recirculates and maintains the bearing.

If you need to move the motor, the shaft locking device must be reinstalled. For engines stored for a period equal to or even longer than the oil change interval, it must be replaced before starting.

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If the engine is stored for a longer period than the oil change interval, or if it is not feasible to rotate the motor shaft, the oil must be drained and an anticorrosive and dehumidifying protection applied.

It is advisable to frequently measure the insulation resistance of the motors so that storage conditions can be assessed from the electrical point of view. If drops in insulation resistance values ​​occur, the storage conditions should be analyzed, evaluated and corrected as necessary.