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Electric motor transformed into generator in electric car

When stepping on the brake, in a combustion engine, all the energy used is dissipated as heat in the brake. In the electric car, in turn, the electric motor is responsible for turning into a generator and thus doing the reverse cycle.

This means that the power to the batteries can be used again, but it is not possible to recover everything, but a good part can be obtained.

In the combustion engine about 1/3 of the fuel energy is converted into work and 2/3 of it turns into heat. In the electric motor, about 90% or even more is turned into work and only 10% becomes heat and that way, the electric motor is a machine that is much more efficient in its operation.

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Regardless of the batteries, the electric motor has far fewer components than the combustion engine and this means that fewer problems occur and so the result is less repairs and simpler as well, since the electric motor does not heat up.

Fact is that the electric motor still needs to evolve and much, but the conventional combustion as they have been in the market have long since reached their limit of evolution.