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Electric motor can present problems in the bearings

The electric motor can suffer problems in the bearings and this usually happens a timely fashion due to the electric motor stay long standing. The electric motor then works with excessive vibration, inadequate, misaligned manner with unbalanced couplings with radial loads and axial or excessive.

The bearings are classified as the weakest part of the electric motor structure, as eg shaft is designed with a wide margin of safety, but still the electric motor shaft may have several fractures because of excessive repetition of bending stresses that are caused by excessive belt tension.

Because of the alternating bending stress induced by the shaft in motion, because the fractures in the electric motor will deepen out inside until it breaks and the strength of what remains of the shaft section is not sufficient. bearings dodge pillow blocks

The exchange of one or another of several parallel belts of a transmission, and represents bad practice is often the cause of fractures in the electric motor shafts.

The electric motor of the fan

The electric fan motor has polarization made with iron to help the electric motor does not turn in the opposite direction

The electric motor dodge for sale of the fan has a polarization that is done with the help of iron is magnetized or magnets that are set so that the electric motor does not rotate in the opposite direction.

The capacitor and voltage are applied to the electric ceiling fan motor can not exceed 40% of the value of work and thus the capacitor voltage value if the fan is designed to operate at 110 volts can reach 150 volts and to pass it, but to work at 220 volts will need 300 volts of isolation.

The frequency of operation of the electric motor capacitors used in this type of application are dismissed because the important even in this case is the voltage that isolates the capacitor and the polarization that is required by the electric motor winding.