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Meet some problems that the electric motor can cause in case of malfunction

The electric motor is the heart of all the equipment you need to run the electric motor, it is the electric motor that generates the necessary movement for the processing of the material is performed.

Malfunctioning of the electric motor can cause problems and among these issues are: stops that is not provided for the equipment driven by vibration, noise or even the electric motor crash.

When buying a Metso equipment that has an electric motor and do not put this equipment to work immediately so you need to store this equipment with electric motor in a location that is covered, dry, free from dust, vibrations, gases, the equipment must be placed in normal and should anything be supported on this electric motor position.

It is further recommended that the electric motor shaft is rotated once a month; if the electric motor has heating element it is essential that it be energized throughout the period that the electric motor be stored and the electric motor should not be stored in plastic, because then this electric motor will retain moisture inside the computer.

Electric motor on sale

The promotion of electric motors may occur at different times of the year will depend on how each company is organized for this process. When you need to make the purchase of the motor is necessary to compare prices with different companies to find one that has a far more economic value to you.

On websites and in physical stores you can find electric motor deals you get for a cheaper price. The value will always depend on the characteristics of the product, and there are several types of them, the most expensive are the three-phase models that are more complex and suitable for heavier segments.

Compare prices before you buy the product you need. Be aware of offers and promotions in physical and virtual stores for the product you need. Single-phase models just out cheaper because they are simpler and effecting basic processes, unlike those who are three-phase.