When the time came to change the look of my house, I decided to paint the walls and create new environments.

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However, I had some doubts about what would be the best options for the
spaces that my family and I occupy daily. During the process, I found some
inspirations and tips that I will share with you.
Tired of your decor or want to change the look of your home? Painting is a great
option to renovate the space. Despite being a simple and inexpensive process,
it offers several possibilities to decorate the environment, since the walls can
completely change the appearance of a house. When planning the painting,
however, many doubts may arise. Is it ideal to change colors? Which colors to
choose? Is using textures or drawings a good option? To help you plan the new
look of your space, this article will present some tips and inspirations for
apartment painting. Come on? Before you buy the paints and start painting your
walls it is important that you study your apartment and think about the
atmosphere you want to build – after all, planning is essential for your project to
be successful.

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