Torque in the Engines

The direction of the torque produced by the interaction between the induced current and the magnetic field in each rotor conductor is verified by the arrow in each conductor, applying the rule of the left hand: thumb-force, field-indicator, medium-current. The clockwise torque produced by the conductors of the upper right half of the rotor is compensated by the counterclockwise torque associated with the conductors of the same lower half, the same occurs to the left half. The net torque will be zero. When it modifies the direction of the alternating current voltage, it reverses everything and in the same way the continuous liquid torque is zero, we check the pulsating torque for a voltage cycle applied by the alternating current source in a rotor conductor, whose mean value is zero.

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Whether the cage rotor motor and a winding distributed along the stator, considering the stationary rotor, we observe the resulting magnetic field, at the instant of having the instantaneous sense from left to right. The senses of currents induced in the rotor by transforming action will also be shown. Because of Lens’s law, these currents are in a sense that counteract the field that produced them. This is verified through the field direction due to the induced current in conductors A and B.


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