Rome and the beginning of the Middle Ages and Italian cuisine

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In Italy, things are a little different: usually we care very much and lovingly about the history
of our family kitchen: the recipes of grandmothers and mothers are transmitted carefully and
proudly, a symbol of our own heritage and roots. Some of us are more aware of the regional
characteristics of each meal than others, but it is unusual when it comes to the kitchen, we
look further than several generations: our knowledge of why we cook in a certain way, and
the reason why we eat certain things, is usually based on oral resources (our elders), and
therefore have a limited period of time.
However, the history of Italian cuisine is as long and rich as the country’s own history, its
origins dating back to the history of Roman ancestors, its inhabitants and its political, cultural
and social power. Italian cuisine evolved and changed after the development and changes of
Italy itself during centuries of wars, cultural mutations and contacts: it is a story as rich,
colorful and fascinating as the most incredible recipes.
This is what we will tell you today: the story of food, traditions, kings and warriors, the story
of a century of Italian cuisine.

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