The standard electric motor is designed to operate with shaft in a certain position, horizontal or vertical. In theory, an engine should never be attached to any inclination on its axis without being sure of its own characteristics. Abnormal vibrations cause a reduction in engine performance and may be a consequence of a failure in alignment, insufficient or defective leeson dc motors fixing of the electric motor at its base, or excessive clearance of the bearings, or inadequate balancing of the rotating parts .

To avoid these problems, we can take some preventive measures when installing the motors, which are to observe the state of the bearings, check the average life of the bearings (information supplied by the manufacturers). We can also control and analyze the vibrations in a very simple way, as it is enough to place a tool on the bearing, approaching the ear and detecting the failures by the noise produced. Take care when replacing one bearing for another and at long-term stops, periodically change the rest position of the rotors of the electric motors as well as the moving parts of the machines.

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