Asian restaurants can have many items on the menu, but they use a small amount of the same ingredients, only in different combinations.

We used to eat in self-service restaurants when our children were young. They
were forbidden to serve themselves because children are unpredictable and it is
disgusting to touch food, especially when it is for everyone. They totally
understood. However, some parents did not give their children the same
education, I have seen children licking spoons or putting their fingers on
food. Once, a child served two servings of gelatin with whipped cream, his
father said no, so the boy came back and put the dessert back on the buffet . I
was so sick.
Some adults also have the same behavior – cough, sneeze, put
spoons with food close to their nose to smell and then put it back. I haven’t been
to this type of restaurant for 10 years. If the hostess or the waiter is not ready to
serve you or is talking to the bartender, SEE what you are waiting for and still
decide to continue the conversation, it is very likely that you will not have a good
experience in a place where it is not well attended. There is a bakery in my town
that is packed from morning to night.

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