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DC and AC Motors

An electric DC motor is primarily based on an electrical device suitable for receiving an alternating current supply, referred to as AC. Bearing in mind that this power supply is usually supplied from a battery or other DC power source.

AC electrical devices require a significant change in their frequency should they need to change their speed, thereby involving more severe and difficult speed control.

However, it is important to consider that since the DC motor, at the instant it changes its speed, needs only the change in voltage level, being more natural for 12Vdc-powered equipment, as in the case of cars and industrial uses that establish speed control.

The exchange of energy between the rotor and the stator, also known as switching, can occur through a brush. In an engine it has continuous current, the speed must be controlled, changing only its voltage, unlike an electric motor of alternating current, that has its speed defined spontaneously by the frequency.