Electric motor transformed into generator in electric car

When stepping on the brake, in a combustion engine, all the energy used is dissipated as heat in the brake. In the electric car, in turn, the electric motor is responsible for turning into a generator and thus doing the reverse cycle.

This means that the power to the batteries can be used again, but it is not possible to recover everything, but a good part can be obtained.

In the combustion engine about 1/3 of the fuel energy is converted into work and 2/3 of it turns into heat. In the electric motor, about 90% or even more is turned into work and only 10% becomes heat and that way, the electric motor is a machine that is much more efficient in its operation.

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Regardless of the batteries, the electric motor has far fewer components than the combustion engine and this means that fewer problems occur and so the result is less repairs and simpler as well, since the electric motor does not heat up.

Fact is that the electric motor still needs to evolve and much, but the conventional combustion as they have been in the market have long since reached their limit of evolution.

Electric motor bikes

The implementation of electric motor bicycles began a few years and several products have been sold with this technology. The aim was to provide a bicycle to make available the means of faster than traditional locomotion. This goal has been achieved and it is possible to maintain economic standard bike and enjoy less strenuous transport.

There are several companies producing bicycles with electric motors 6208-2RS1/C3GJN bearing and the aim is to offer a more efficient and economic standards within the product. You can not deny that ends up being a great way of getting even more because the movement ends up being less tiring.

Of course, this change also brought an increase in the final value of the product. The bicycle with electric motor has a higher value than traditional models before making the purchase of the product is necessary to research the market to find a company that offers a better offer for the product you want to purchase.

Electric motor can present problems in the bearings

The electric motor can suffer problems in the bearings and this usually happens a timely fashion due to the electric motor stay long standing. The electric motor then works with excessive vibration, inadequate, misaligned manner with unbalanced couplings with radial loads and axial or excessive.

The bearings are classified as the weakest part of the electric motor structure, as eg shaft is designed with a wide margin of safety, but still the electric motor shaft may have several fractures because of excessive repetition of bending stresses that are caused by excessive belt tension.

Because of the alternating bending stress induced by the shaft in motion, because the fractures in the electric motor will deepen out inside until it breaks and the strength of what remains of the shaft section is not sufficient. bearings dodge pillow blocks

The exchange of one or another of several parallel belts of a transmission, and represents bad practice is often the cause of fractures in the electric motor shafts.

The electric motor of the fan

The electric fan motor has polarization made with iron to help the electric motor does not turn in the opposite direction

The electric motor dodge for sale of the fan has a polarization that is done with the help of iron is magnetized or magnets that are set so that the electric motor does not rotate in the opposite direction.

The capacitor and voltage are applied to the electric ceiling fan motor can not exceed 40% of the value of work and thus the capacitor voltage value if the fan is designed to operate at 110 volts can reach 150 volts and to pass it, but to work at 220 volts will need 300 volts of isolation.

The frequency of operation of the electric motor capacitors used in this type of application are dismissed because the important even in this case is the voltage that isolates the capacitor and the polarization that is required by the electric motor winding.

Meet some problems that the electric motor can cause in case of malfunction

The electric motor is the heart of all the equipment you need to run the electric motor, it is the electric motor that generates the necessary movement for the processing of the material is performed.

Malfunctioning of the electric motor can cause problems and among these issues are: stops that is not provided for the equipment driven by vibration, noise or even the electric motor crash.


When buying a Metso equipment that has an electric motor and do not put this equipment to work immediately so you need to store this equipment with electric motor in a location that is covered, dry, free from dust, vibrations, gases, the equipment must be placed in normal and should anything be supported on this electric motor position.

It is further recommended that the electric motor shaft is rotated once a month; if the electric motor has heating element it is essential that it be energized throughout the period that the electric motor be stored and the electric motor should not be stored in plastic, because then this electric motor will retain moisture inside the computer.

Electric motor on sale

The promotion of electric motors may occur at different times of the year will depend on how each company is organized for this process. When you need to make the purchase of the motor is necessary to compare prices with different companies to find one that has a far more economic value to you.

On websites and in physical stores you can find electric motor deals you get for a cheaper price. The value will always depend on the characteristics of the product, and there are several types of them, the most expensive are the three-phase models that are more complex and suitable for heavier segments.


Compare prices before you buy the product you need. Be aware of offers and promotions in physical and virtual stores for the product you need. Single-phase models just out cheaper because they are simpler and effecting basic processes, unlike those who are three-phase.

Brasileiros ainda querem comprar imóveis nos EUA

Como relatam as imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente brasileiras, o alto valor do dólar hoje, não tem sido motivo para frear a compra de imóveis nos EUA pelos brasileiros, principalmente para os que possuem dinheiro para isso.

O principal evento no Brasil de investimento imobiliário dos Estados Unidos concentra diversas ofertas e informações para a compra e investimento de imóveis, além de parcerias com os corretores brasileiros. Na edição de 2015, a feira bateu recorde de público, 2.500 participantes. O mais importante foi o número de negócios realizados, três vezes mais do que o ano passado.


Em 2014, o dólar estava no patamar dos R$2,30 e a feira registrou uma movimentação de 10 milhões de dólares. Na edição deste ano, o volume de negócios foi de 32 milhões, com o valor do dólar na casa dos R$3,23.

Os negócios que são iniciados na feira normalmente são fechados em até 06 meses, portanto o montante pode ser ainda maior do que o registrado até o momento. O diretor da feira Daniel Rosental declarou que em 03 horas a feira já tinha realizado a venda de uma casa de 300 mil dólares.